Svebab – Svenska Brandslangsfabriken AB – is the only manufacturer in the Nordic region of circular woven lay-flat and semi-rigid hoses. We are located in Skene, approximately 60 km south-east of Gothenburg in Sweden.

The type of hose we manufacture is mostly used as fire hose, and it is in this area that we have made a name for ourselves internationally. We are widely known as a company that supplies high quality products. Thanks to our experience and the expertise we have aquired, we have been able to perfect our hoses so that they are of absolute highest standard.

Due to our work with research and development we have been able to find secondary uses for our hoses and products, such as supply hoses for snow cannons and air pressure hoses. We also supplement our range with products from other manufacturers while setting the same strict quality requirements with regard to quality for our subcontractors as we do for ourselves. We choose our subcontractors with care.

Svebab today is a totally unique and complete supplier.